When I was a young child I knew this was the breed for me. It was love at first sight, But the Dobermann was in my DNA. My Great Grandfather use to breed Dobermann's in Germany.  The love affair grew and finally I acquired my first Dobermann in 2003.

 Miniature Pinschers are a newer love affair , I acquired my first Min Pin in 2015 and just love the breed so much, Decided that quality European dogs were needed on this side of the world.


We partake in many activities with our dogs from Conformation dog shows, Barn hunt, IPO, Agility and many other fun venues with our dogs. A busy mind is a happy mind, we like to keep our dogs busy and in events that we can enjoy together.  



I am taking every opportunity to learn and observe more of the breed, to be able to breed the best of my ability.  

My focus is on the European standard and bloodline Dobermann and Miniature Pinscher. 

My main goal is to produce Healthy dogs. I occasionally add bloodlines from America and South American Dobermanns to the mix to diversify my bloodlines.

There is great benefits from each side of the Ocean. My belief is one must be open minded in order to move forward to better the breed in many ways. 


 I am very selective of what bloodlines I use in my breeding program, or bloodlines that dogs come from that I import or use as stud males to my females. 


 All my dogs live inside my home as a part of the family. I am a small sized kennel with limited amount of dogs and breedings. Quality over shadows quantity.



We live south of Edmonton, Alberta




I am a good standing member of :


*Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada 

*Alberta Doberman Pinscher Club 

*American Dobermann Association

*German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada

*Canadian Kennel Club 

* Canadian Miniature Pinscher Club 



Di'Limbazi is Registered kennel name with the Canadian Kennel club.