Dejavu V.D Schwarzen Garde



(Bojan Vom Havelland IPO3 ,VPG3 ,FH 1, ZTP V1A x Alina V.D Schwarzen Garde , ZTP SG-1A, IPO1)  

D.O.B - 04- 29- 2013 



- vWD Carrier ( VetNostic) 

- Genotype Black #1 BBDD (Only black offspring)

- PHPV free, Cataract clear. 

- Free from all Eye Diseases  (CERF) 

-Full and Proper dentition 


Further health testing in the works. 


Mia comes from a wonderful kennel in Germany, She is full work bloodlines. I got Mia to incorperate strong work lines  along with the show lines I already have. Her pedigree is also filled with some very nice long lived dogs.


 This girl LOVES to work . She has the clearest mind and knows when to shut it off and turn it on when it comes to working. 

Mia is a crazy and fun dog to live with, She knows when it is time to relax and knows when its time to work.


Mia is training in IPO and we feel she will accomplish great things in this sport. Her grips are full and hard, She does not back down from the helper . This girl has no fear ! 

Schwarzen Garde in German translates  in English to  Black Guard  and she truly is a Black Guard when it comes to work. 

Watch for news and updates along the way for Mia in working Venues. 


Her pedigree has MANY IPO3 dogs

Nando Von Brandenburg IPO3, VPG3

Isana Vom Markischenland IPO3, VPG3, FH1

Chester Von Der Topferstadt IPO3, FH2, VPG3

Madleenfurstin Vom Strengbach VPG 2, IPO3

Leo Vom Markischen Land IPO3 , AD, FH2 , VPG 3 Orson V Roveline  IDC Sieger, DV - Sieger, VPG 3, IPO2, AD, Angekort 1A. 


These are just a few the list goes on. As you can see this girl has the works in behind her. 

I am very excited to incorporate  her in to my furture breeding plans. 


Mia is H.O.T ( Handled- Owner-Trained)